The Plastic Belt Buckle

Having flown in eight different flights over Christmas break, this idea naturally came to me as I waited in one too many lines to get to my gate. This is such a simple yet elegant solution to one of the many TSA evils, I’m surprised it doesn’t exist yet (or if it does, it doesn’t show up on Google). A plastic belt buckle could save so much time and embarrassment at the airport security line and it would fit in perfectly with other tacky products in SkyMall (or SkyMaul).

One could even start a brand of fashionable non-metal belts for travelers, but functional clothing are almost always considered dorky. In fact, practical clothing has failed to crack the fashion industry time and time again, with the last real great invention being the pockets (which still only seem to have entered the male market). Alright, the zipper maybe.

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3 Responses to “The Plastic Belt Buckle”

  1. # Blogger Cynthia

    My hubby BOUGHT one and now he can't remember where he got it. We need more, so I'm searching... and you are right about it not being easily searched!


  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    They have inexpensive belt buckles and other products that work great  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    thought occurred to me as well, here's a place  

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