The Magic Pen

I subscribe to the post-it method of keeping track of all my to-dos at work since it gives me the gratification of destroying (shredding) any task I’ve completed. This goes a long way when you poke at the keyboard for most of the day (though rarely, I do get to dismantle really expensive electronics and hack at cars worth more than everything I currently own).

Inevitably, sticky-notes start to pile up, and I have nightmares of drowning in the trade mark 3M yellow... Ok, I kid. The stickies do start to collect though, with very low grade “I’ll get to it some day” task littered throughout the wall. While I know which stickies have been chillin’ for a while, I wish there was an easily visually noticeable way.

What if you had a pen that drew lines that changed color over time? Logarithmic would probably make more sense:

In 24 hours, the color changes from black to blue
In 10 days, the color changes from blue to green
In 100 days, the color changes from green to red

You could instantaneously tell when something was written, and my desk space would have a hint of color to break away from monotone cubicle.

(note, the picture is not my office)



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