Socks for Sandals

I got this pair of socks at an Onsen Ryokan (Hot Spring Hotel) in Japan. Why does it have a separate slot for your big toe? So you can wear your geta (Japanese sandals) with it!

These socks are called tabi in Japan and they've existed for a very long time. These days, it's used primarily with kimonos (traditional Japanese clothing) though you can usually pick one up in a neighborhood 100 yen store. Another pair I saw once had rubber grip on the sole to prevent slipping (and unintentionally massaged your foot as you walked).

I wonder if these can be sold in the US. I know several people who prefer to wear sandals on a regular basis instead of shoes, but that may be because they don't like wearing socks. What do you think?

And no, I'm not wearing a skirt in that picture. It's a yukata.



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  1. # Anonymous Yvonne

    I own a few pairs of these socks which I've dubbed "Antelope-feet/hooved socks". Great fun when you want to freak people out!  

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