2-on-1 Basketball

Don’t you hate it when you have three people and you don’t want to resort to the repetitive game of HORSE? Here is how you play a proper 2-on-1 game of basketball
Two people are always on offense.
  • When the offense scores, both players score a point and the scorer switches with the defender.
  • When the defender gains possession of the ball, he/she scores a point; ball goes back to the offense at the top of the arc.
  • Play until a preset score limit, win by two.

Simple isn’t it? If the players are good, the game might lean towards offense too much, at which point, you could raise the points given to the defense. I’m not very good, so when we play, this works out pretty well.



Artifact Design

A while back, I wrote about how if your design produces an undesirable artifact, why not control it to make it desirable? Call it artifact design. Here are two products that control their artifacts beautifully.

Sakurasaku Glasses

These glasses are shaped in such a way that when the condensed water drips down the side and wets the table, it leaves an imprint of a cherry blossom. Such a simple and elegant solution, I wonder why more people don’t do it.


“Stain is a set of a teacups designed to improve through use.”

By artist Bethan Wood, these teacups stain at an uneven pace so that some parts of the cup turn brown more quickly than other parts. The end result is a beautiful design demonstrating how products can age gracefully too.



Small Ideas Round Up

I swear I’m not trying to redistribute Gizmodo, but this round up is all from Gizmodo for some reason.

Paper in Pen

You know all those situations when you have a pen but no paper (and your hand quickly becomes paper)? Or when you have paper but no pen? Well, now you can lose both at the same time. Interesting idea, if only pens didn’t last forever and the roll of paper probably will run out in a week.

Product Page (via geekologie via Gizmodo)

Magnetic Clothes Hangers

Elegant alternative to the hook but it’s tough when all houses are built with closet poles and hook hangars are dime dollar a dozen.

Designer Site (via Freshome via Gizmodo)

Lego Sofa for all those awkwardly shaped New York apartments

It… just… doesn’t… look… comfortable…

No MadeDesign (via Notcot via Spluch via Gizmodo)

Book Pillow, or Boollow

The modern day camouflage, a pillow in the shape of a book.

Product Page (via Nerd Approved via The Uber-Review via Gizmodo)



The Magic Pen

I subscribe to the post-it method of keeping track of all my to-dos at work since it gives me the gratification of destroying (shredding) any task I’ve completed. This goes a long way when you poke at the keyboard for most of the day (though rarely, I do get to dismantle really expensive electronics and hack at cars worth more than everything I currently own).

Inevitably, sticky-notes start to pile up, and I have nightmares of drowning in the trade mark 3M yellow... Ok, I kid. The stickies do start to collect though, with very low grade “I’ll get to it some day” task littered throughout the wall. While I know which stickies have been chillin’ for a while, I wish there was an easily visually noticeable way.

What if you had a pen that drew lines that changed color over time? Logarithmic would probably make more sense:

In 24 hours, the color changes from black to blue
In 10 days, the color changes from blue to green
In 100 days, the color changes from green to red

You could instantaneously tell when something was written, and my desk space would have a hint of color to break away from monotone cubicle.

(note, the picture is not my office)



Drop or raise prices on Saint Patrick's Day?

If you run a bar, would you raise or drop the cost of your cover/drinks on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Raising the prices is a perfectly sensible business decision since chances are, your bar would be overwhelmed with customers cherishing one of the few (and possibly the only) drinking festivities. People will be drinking beer faster than the keg can flow, and you’ll probably be making twice what you make on an average night. Good business decision right?

Let’s look at this the other way around. What if you consider Saint Patrick’s Day to be an opportunity to not make money, but serve more new customers? It’s the perfect opportunity to grow your customer base. Instead of overcharging everyone for drinks, which everyone expects, surprise them by having good specials and bringing in the best DJ in town. Make your bar the cheap and happening place on St. Patrick’s Day, and you will be sure to have converted some new comers into regular patrons. Sure you won’t make as much money on that day, but you just increased your income for the rest of the year.

Sometimes the best business decisions aren’t measured by the most obvious parameters or aren’t measurable at all, but don’t try to make money, try to make customers and the money will follow.




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