Movie Review Prototype for WNYC's The Takeaway

As always, I seem to be extremely challenged at regularly updating this blog, especially now that I am back in graduate school.

I'm currently working on a class project in the Stanford trying to redesign the movie review segment on The Takeaway, a new morning radio show on WNYC (NPR). One of our prototypes takes voice reviews from multiple listeners and combines them in a short segment, which we call the Mother of All Reviews (reference to the Mother of All Trailers, something they currently do on the show).

How does that sound? Did it give you a sense of what people think about the movie?

Our goal was to give listeners a "sense" of what people think about the movie. People don't particularly care about one long anonymous review, but the radio medium doesn't allow people to scan reviews like they do on IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. So if we put together several short reviews, would it give people the "sense" of what the general public think about the movie?

What do you think?

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