The end of Za

In January 2007, I started this blog as a way to document the ideas I had and discovered. I created it with an utopian view of becoming a platform for ideas, but with the reality of limited time and attention, it became neglected and forgotten.

I recently moved web hosting services and decided to start a fresh blog using Wordpress and combine Za with my personal blog at Xanga. The new blog will be mostly my thoughts, musings, and ideas about design, media, and innovation discovered through my experiences. In the mean time, I will keep this blog in place to keep the links intact, but this will be the last post for Za.

You can subscribe to the the new blog here. Hope to see you on the other side.


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ZA is a blog about ideas: cool ideas, existent ideas, pointless ideas, crazy ideas, my ideas, your ideas, interesting ideas, funny ideas, product ideas, meaningless ideas, great ideas, shrimp ideas, etc. It’s here for people to rant, rave, share, and satisfy. Any idea here (if original) is free for you to use (I take no responsibility) as long as you credit the originator of the idea (be honest). Feel free to send me any ideas, but a blog is considered to be public disclosure so you will lose all rights to patent it. Enjoy.


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