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A while back, I talked about the idea of a customizable travel guides (Lonely Planet to be exact) and commented on how the publishing industry probably was not capable of creating customized books with how the printing presses were set up today. Mike Masnick over at the infinitely more popular Techdirt recently took a tour of the Wall Street Journal's Palo Alto printing plant and found out that most of the technology and innovation had gone to streamlining the printing process and saving cost, but not really at creating a better product (in this case, a customizable newspaper). A customizable newspaper is probably more complicated than a customizable book due to the numbers involved and the delivery method (paper boys versus mail).

I'm not sure if customized newspapers are the solution (I'm more sure of customized travel guides), but there is probably a easier way of accomplishing this. Imagine a web service that will tabulate the top stories from different news sources (online newspapers and blogs) every day and provides a .pdf which you can print (or even prints for you, but that would probably require some kind of software). All you need to do is specify the sources (in my case, Engadget, Gizmodo, BoingBoing, Techdirt, etc.) and print. You could even specify the printing frequency (i.e. once a day, twice a day, etc.), or the target number of pages. There's clearly a business opportunity here for advertisement since by knowing someone's reading habit, you can also provide targeted ads (same for a customized newspaper too).

I don't know if something like this exists, but it would (hopefully) standout in the myriads of readers and start pages.

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Make your own Lonely Planet

I have no good excuse for abandoning this blog for four months, although I was in South America for a month backpacking where the internet was surprisingly abundant and my excuse even weaker. Like many backpackers, I consider Lonely Planet to be the inseparable travel companion and almost a Bible if backpacking was a religion. Nevertheless, it's not perfect; I can never find a book that covers only the places I intend to go to. This wasn't much of a problem in South America since the South America guide simply had more information than I needed, but when I traveled to Eastern Europe and weaved in and out of some Central European and Scandinavian countries, I had to carry both Eastern Europe and Europe guides (which had minimal information on most of the Eastern Europe countries, and the Baltic chapters were practically unusable). This was three pounds worth of paper that traveled with me for thousands of miles.

The simple solution would have been to tear the book and keep the pages I needed, but when the books cost $30+, that can feel very wasteful. Why can't I just make the Lonely Planet with only the information I want?

Wouldn't it be great if you could simply select the countries you wanted on the Lonely Planet website and make your own book? With this you could easily make a customized book for some interesting trips like the overland Morocco to Japan passage.

Now you (sort of) can. I was actually looking for some images to add to this post when I discovered that Lonely Planet is experimenting with a similar idea which they call Pick and Mix. Instead of selecting the chapters you want and ordering a customized book, you can just buy chapters straight from the Lonely Planet website in .pdf format. Although they claim that the files are not "digitally restricted" they do "contain a tool that allows us [Lonely Planet] to track when and where each chapter is opened and printed." I guess Lonely Planet is scared of piracy too (this has a very similar feel to those user data embedded non-DRM tracks from iTunes).

So far they only have the Latin America guides available; I presume they did this to test drive the service and verify that piracy won't hurt their earnings (The European guides are probably their biggest sellers and also the continent where Pick and Mix makes the most sense).

I would still prefer a customized book than .pdf files for the simple reason that professionally bound books are much lighter and tougher than ones you make at home. No one in their right mind is going to be reading the guide off a laptop (and no one in their right mind will be traveling with an e-book reader, yet) so sooner or later the .pdf files have to be printed out. If you do it at home, you would either print one sided or go through the head ache of figuring out how to print double sided, and it would most likely be on 8.5x11in paper which is too big to be portable. The other option would be to take it to Kinko's but that would quickly add to the cost (and the chapters are surprisingly expensive already). For this reason, I don't think Pick and Mix is going to be popular just yet; there is too much inconvenience involved with making a .pdf file practical. However, it's still a good idea and a step in the right direction.

Currently, I also don't think the publication/printing industry is setup to offer customized books at a reasonable cost. From the little I know about book printing, presses are usually set up to produce thousand copies of one thing, and not thousand similar but different book. If the automotive industry can build cars to meet individual requests, I don't see why the publication industry can't. For how much they complain about the internet ruining their market, they need to accept the facts and innovate to work with the internet, not against it.

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