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Design Thinking Conversation in Japanese

Several weeks ago, there was a lively discussion on the definition of “design thinking” in the Japanese design thinking Twitter community including people involved at Tokyo University’s

Twitter user na0ka did a wonderful job summarizing what was said on her tweet:

「デザイン思考」って何? 皆さんの答えは・・・”Posture””Mindset””態度””姿勢””思考の癖、習慣””理念”。重要なのは、定型的なメソッドやプロセスではな いということ。 @tamdai99 @mrym3 @masaya21 @sushisuzuki

Translating each part:

「デザイン思考」って何? 皆さんの答えは・・・
What is “Design Thinking”? Everyone’s response…


“Mindset” (This was my response)

“態度” – Attitude

“姿勢” – Posture or position, both physically and metaphorically

“思考の癖、習慣” – Habit or tendency of thinking (this one is very difficult to translate the nuances).

“理念” – Ideology


What’s important is that it’s not a fixed method or process.

It’s great to see vibrant conversation on design thinking happen outside of the English language. also recently published a book called 「東大式 世界を変えるイノベーションのつくりかた」which translates to “How to create innovations that changes the world, Tokyo University Style.”

Design thinking in Japan is starting to spread and best wishes to everyone who is trying to make it happen. Now back to France for me.


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