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Extroverted or introverted?

A friend once told me that the way to figure out if you are truly extroverted or introverted is what you do when you have a bad day. Do you call up a friend and grab dinner and or a drink? Or do you go home and curl up with your favorite book or movie?

I argue that to a certain extent, it depends on how you have the bad day, but I’m finding this method to be more and more reliable. Just look at your Facebook news feed and see how people are coping with their bad days. Do you see a pattern?

I tend to call or text people when I have a bad day to grab a drink. If I remember correctly, the Myers-Briggs personality test categorized me as slightly introverted, so there is some kind of discrepancy between the two methods.

Which are you?


One Response to “Extroverted or introverted?”

  1. August 23rd, 2010 at 4:18 am

    wild - aka mr. mello says:

    It depends on how bad the day was. For SOP(standard operating procedure) bad day’s I tend to be an extrovert, seeking out consolation in others. If its a life changer bad day, I tend to turn inward for resolution – usually landing me in the Caribbean at a nudist resort for a few days. So you see, its always the context.

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