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After the recent tragedy in Japan, I honestly have not felt like blogging much. There is a word in Japanese called jishuku (自粛) which can be loosely translated into “self restraint” that people practice after major tragedies such as this. The restraint is normally focused on anything that may seem celebratory or cheerful (except in regards to the few positive news that came out of the tragedy). TV commercials were halted for the first few days after the earthquake and even when they returned, most were public service announcements as many companies refrained from advertising. Many companies are postponing new product announcements and releases for some time and corporate parties or even graduations are being canceled throughout the country. As a Japanese person, one can feel a slight sense of guilt or hesitation when trying to do something public or new in the time of crisis.

You can imagine that something like this would have a significant effect on the economy, and now that the earthquake is almost over one month past, politicians and people are starting to call for “restraint on self restraint” to return to normalcy, at least for those in minimally affected areas. While my blogging activities have nothing to do with the Japanese economy, I worry that if I don’t do it for long, it would become harder and harder to get back into it. I actually have a backlog of fully and partially written posts that I haven’t uploaded yet, which I plan to publish slowly as well as write new content when I’m inspired.

In the meantime the crisis in Japan still continues and they could use any form of assistance possible. While I have not done extensive research on where the best place to donate is, people tell me Google is “solid” (note: this is donating through Google, not donating to Google).


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