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Street Fighter 2 Characters in Ultimate Frisbee

A fun exercise combining my recent addiction and the iconic game from my childhood. If you were creating an Ultimate Frisbee team from Street Fighter 2 Characters, who would you pick?

Top Choices

Barlog (Vega outside of Japan)
Wicked quick and an extra appendage for extra reach, although the claw is most likely illegal. The ability to jump off walls would look cool in indoors matches, but technically it would be considered out of bounds.
Extendable arms and legs along with the ability to teleport more than makes up for the slowness. Perfect blocker, and the fire could be used for celebratory occasions.
Freakish height and an incredible vertical makes him a perfect candidate for going deep (but not very fast?).


Next Choices

Vega (M. Bison outside of Japan)
Surprising speed, teleportation, and layout moves would make him a solid all around player.
Invisibly fast hands could be good for the handler role.
Incredible jumping ability and quickness. Also, no one would want to mark her with her metal spike bracelets.


Bottom Choices

M. Bison (Barlog outside of Japan)
Never tried throwing a frisbee with boxing gloves but I assume it’s next to impossible.
E. Honda
Only time he can move fast is when he is flying horizontally facing downward.
Maybe no one would want to guard an electrified green monster…



What if the world operated like Wikipedia?

Looking at startup companies in any trending industry, one will notice that there are so many companies doing the same thing. Capitalists would argue that this is the inherent nature of competition, people and companies trying to do better than their peers.

However, I can’t help it but feel that there is an incredible amount of redundancy, inefficiency, and waste built into the system. For every succesful startup company, there are dozens of failed ones, people who bet their time and money and ultimately walked away with little to nothing.

What if people who have similar ideas, goals, and aspirations all worked together to create the best possible X, Y, or Z?

The cynic will argue that with such systems, there are no motivation to drive the people.

But isn’t this how Wikipedia works? People driven by intrinsic motivation and nothing else?

Google once tried to create a commercial competitor to Wikipedia called Knol, and while it morphed through its existence, the original premise was for individual articles to be signed by a verified author who could then be rewarded through advertisement revenue sharing. People tried to author the most authoritative article on the popular topics, creating a confusing collection of choices for the knowledge seeker. Knol no longer exists but Wikipedia is thriving.

Open source projects, like Linux, Firefox, Apache, and Arduino are like Wikipedia, built by thousands of developers working for nothing more than the desire to create something good, and they have brought incredible value into the world, sometimes trouncing the commercial alternatives.

How could we build our value creating systems to accomodate more projects like these?

Of course the people who contribute to these project have day jobs to pay the bills. Working on these projects is another form of hobby for them.

I do believe that there is way out there to redesign our system to encourage more of these kinds of value creation. The internet has done an amazing job of enabling massive collaboration, can governments take it to another level?

I have no idea what this would look like. 20% time for the whole population? Local announcement boards for local projects that people can partake in? A day dedicated to doing something that is not your normal job?

I’m sure there are better ideas out there than that. Maybe I’m being too utopian, but dreams never hurt anyone right?


Luxury of Friends 友達と言う贅沢

I recently realized that the luxury of having a stable group of friends around me was not something that is privileged upon me.


Of course I am to blame as my flighty life has taken me through four countries and seven cities.


Unsurprisingly the people around me are just like me, transients, wandering the world, wondering where to next.


This may seem ephemeral and sad, but it can also be hopeful.


For one, I now have friends around the world whom I can visit on a whim, like chasing stardust across night sky.


It also makes the present much more important.


The people around me yesterday is different from the people around me today will be different from the people around me tomorrow.


Maybe it reflects modernity where nothing is no longer the same and change is the only constant.


And in such a world I will live enduring the unbearable lightness of being.



Photographs from Russia part 2

Part 2 of my summer journey to Russia. This post covers the second leg of the Trans-Siberian Railway and Moscow. I am still working on the photographs from the military installation we snuck into. That will be a separate post coming (hopefully) soon.

Part 1 here.


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