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Once around the world

Funny how life happens.


Above is a roughly 2 x 2 km (1.25 x 1.25 mi) area in Kyoto, Japan, my hometown. Within this 4 sq. km area are:

  • The hospital where I was born
  • The first house I lived in (literally 30 seconds by foot from the hospital)
  • The second house I lived in
  • The business that my dad ran
  • The okonomiyaki restaurant we went to when my parents had to work late
  • The supermarket that pretty much provided most of my nourishment
  • The kindergarten I attended
  • The church where my parents got married
  • My grandparents’ condo
  • The home of my aunt, uncle, and cousins’ family
  • Where my other aunt lives

This is pretty much where my life happened for the first ten years of my life. The only thing not inside this map is my elementary school which was few kilometers east.

Then in 1993, I moved to Hawaii to go to middle school, then to Connecticut for high school, Texas for university, and California for graduate school plus a year stint at DaimlerChrysler. After that I spent almost two years in Paris and three and a half years in Germany, which takes us to present day where I am now living in this box again, having completed a full circle around the globe.

Of the people that know me, many of you knew (especially those in Frankfurt), some of you might have figured out from Facebook, and some of you probably had no idea that I moved to Kyoto at the end of February. I’ve been saying “move” because after 22 years, it doesn’t feel like “moving back.” My family is quite surprised as I’ve been gone for so long, and quite frankly, I’m surprised too.

Already in the short time I’ve been here, there have been many many discoveries. Even though I can speak Japanese fluently and understand the culture, there are still plenty of things that can surprise me here. That is wonderful.

So I’m starting a new chapter in my life. I don’t know if I’m going to be here for the next four year, forty years, or four hundred, but I’m excited that I can see my own country with a fresh new lens and be in a country where I can understand the language.

Still learning, still moving, and still living the adventure. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

(I’ll post what I’m doing in another post)


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